Our company has been working with H&H Health Associates for over 20 years. We find them to be most responsive and very effective with our employees and management, especially in times of crisis and change.

HR Manager

What a great idea! Wellness and EAP under one umbrella. H&H Health Associates is clearly the leader with bringing these services to the workplace. They truly meet our needs for a single, effective source.

Assistant Director, HR

The nurses and counselors at H&H Health Associates are very professional and a joy to work with whether it's health screenings, flu shots or lunch 'n learn presentations.

Executive Assistant

My client companies have greatly benefited from the services of H&H Health Associates. From gains in productivity to savings on health care premiums, H&H Health Associates has it covered.

Benefit Broker

Thank you H&H Health! Your compassionate nurses quickly identified my previously undiagnosed diabetes. They made sure my doctor was informed right away. I cannot say enough about your nursing staff.

56 year old employee

The comprehensive onsite Wellness Services that H&H Health Associates provides our company has saved people's lives and decreased the amount of dollars we pay for our health plan.

Director of Operations

When our company experienced a very serious worksite trauma, H&H Health Associates was there, onsite and went into the effected departments providing much needed support. We are very pleased with the kind of response we get. They are very timely and always with a very compassionate connection.


H&H Health Associates helps us to stand apart from other employers and helps define us as a good place to work. We believe the increased productivity gains though the EAP and the health improvements to our employees from the wellness screenings make our investments with H&H Health Associates very worthwhile.

Director, HR

We believe our EAP services through H&H Health Associates is an excellent value. It is highly utilized by our employees and management. Our employees have experienced exceptional satisfaction with the counseling and especially the eldercare and childcare services.

Vice President, HR

We have used H&H Health Associates for several years for our comprehensive wellness programs and EAP services. The staff at H&H are very professional and their services are reasonably priced.

HR Manager

The blood screenings saved my life. H&H discovered early stage leukemia through a routine blood test provided by my company. They were also there to provide counseling for myself and my family.

35 year old employee

Whether they are providing tuberculosis shots or counseling one of our employees about how to cope with their teenage child, H&H Health Associates gets the job done right and effectively.

VP Internal Relations

H&H Health Associates has provided EAP services to our colleagues for several years. Our employees and their family members have found the services provided to be extremely beneficial. We have found H&H Health Associates very willing to go the extra mile. H&H Health Associates has provided counselors at our request to come to our locations to help coworkers cope with some very unfortunate situations. Their assistance has had a very positive impact on our employee’s morale and their ability to work through difficult workplace critical incidents.

Vice President, HR

Our staff provides care for abused, neglected, drug exposed and special needs children. H&H Health Associates continually helps our staff cope with the stress and recoup the balance in their lives to do what we do for our kids. H&H Health Associates is a terrific partner and blessing to our staff.

Executive Director