About Us

Our mission at H&H Health Associates is to foster organizational profitability and success through improved individual health.


In 1989, H&H Health Associates was founded on the idea that good health plays a vital role in any organization’s overall wellbeing.  Today, this belief is not only backed by overwhelming empirical evidence, but is still at the core of what we do…

Both lines of our business are offered on a national platform, can be purchased independently or in tandem, and serve two basic purposes:

  1. Provide meaningful, comprehensive, and impactful (potentially life-saving) benefits to individuals and their families.
  2. Provide measureable return on investment for the organizations we serve by reducing exposure to significant claim costs while improving workplace performance through increased productivity and reduced expenses.

H&H Health Associates is a full-scale, national provider of both Workplace Wellness and Assistance Program Services (EAP/MAP/SAP).  We take great pride in our unique and comprehensive, “high-touch, high-impact” services that not only enhance our offerings, but further separate our programs from the watered-down and often superficial products frequently offered in these marketplaces.

At H&H Health Associates, we promise to listen respectfully, respond quickly and compassionately, and share our experience in an effort to ensure that we make a positive contribution to your organization’s success.

We take pride in our unparalleled, personal, hands-on approach, and specialize in the customization of services to best meet the needs of each client. 


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