Our Solutions

Core Offering

H&H Health Associates provides comprehensive biometric screenings at the core of our wellness programs.  These services are provided anywhere in the continental U.S. and can be delivered through a combination of flexible on-site events and convenient, off-site, walk-in clinics.

From start to finish, H&H Health Associates is here to make Wellness programming easy, guiding you and your associates through the process.

Implementation and Planning Meetings
We learn your goals and objectives and turn them into results.
Customized Communications Rollout
We craft marketing materials to meet your needs and specifications.
Pre-Programming Presentations
Question and Answer sessions are led by one of our professional health educators to explain the merits of the Wellness initiatives and put participants at ease.
Convenient On-Site and Off-Site Access Points
Multiple on-site dates and times at your location(s) plus an expansive network of more than 1,500 off-site, walk-in clinic locations.
Nurse Outreach Calls to “High Risk” Participants
Those who are unaware of a potential medical condition or with conditions appearing to be poorly controlled, receive personalized outreach calls and intervention.
Coordination with Health Care Providers
With the participant’s consent, we will coordinate lab results and findings directly to their personal health care provider.  We also provide additional, complementary copies of the reporting for the participant to share.
Personalized, Detailed Reports for All Participants
Each individual receives personalized reporting that is comprehensive yet user-friendly and includes nurse’s notations and comments to further drive engagement and understanding.  (Print & Online)
Participant Presentations
Presentations provided in a group format to further explain test results and assist participants in interpreting their personal reports.
Health Coaching Services and Long-Term Support
Live, one on one health coaching services available to each participant and their family members.
Meetings with Leadership with Aggregate Reporting and Action Planning
Personal meetings with management to review group results and plan future activities to further achieve organizational goals.
Fulfillment of Future Programming Needs
Services can include targeted educational programming, vaccinations/immunizations, and much more.


Impactful wellness solutions that drive better health outcomes!  View features here


Through early intervention, we are not only able to provide help for those who need it most, but offer meaningful services to aid and encourage ALL participants to improve their health.

Customized Solutions

In addition to our Core Offerings, we can create customized programs to best meet your organizational needs.

Customized Screening Panels
In recognition that each organization is inherently unique (population size, budget, culture, etc.), we are happy to customize screenings that best meets your needs.
Incentivized Programs
Zero-Cost Strategies that drive optimum participation.
Benchmark Analysis
For groups that wish to structure incentives in which participation alone doesn’t achieve a reward.
Integration with Ancillary Health Care Providers
Disease management, claims analytics, third part administrators, and others.
Supplementary Offerings
From health fair events to flu clinics, we can help.


Customized, Wellness Activity Trackers.  View sample here


In our more than 30 years of business, we have found that approximately 20% of any screened population will fall into a “high risk” category.  These individuals are either:

  1. Completely unaware of a chronic disease, condition.
  2. Aware of a condition, but it is not under appropriate control.