Experience the H&H Difference

H&H Health Associates takes great pride in our unparalleled, personal, hands-on approach in working with organizations and individuals alike.  We feel this approach leads to a better understanding of each client’s unique needs, while providing an optimal experience for each end user.  Beyond our service capabilities, our business excels in the following categories:


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“High-Touch, High-Impact” Services
Under the direction of our Medical Director, our in-house nursing team provide direct outreach calls to those participants who have results that require more immediate attention/intervention.  Our staff personally reviews each and every blood test that is performed, providing customized feedback within all reports to draw attention to areas of concern or opportunity.  Our staff provides educational programming throughout the process.
Dedicated Account Team
From implementation to the review the aggregate results with leadership, our dedicated account team is there to provide insight, guidance, and do the heavy-lifting of delivering a program that best suits your organization’s unique needs.  In addition, YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE DIRECT ACCESS TO AN OWNER OF THE COMPANY.
Highly Skilled, Quality Labor Force
Our highly skilled team delivers and provides oversight to all on-site screening program events.  These quality control measures ensure that each of your events will be successful.
Superior Customer Service
Our in-house, full-time team of customer services professionals are empowered to make quick decisions to best serve client needs.
Comprehensive Individual Reporting
Detailed yet easy to read reports are provided to each participant, giving them a brief yet thorough understanding of their health status.  Each report is customized for that participant and personally reviewed, under the direction of our Medical Director, by our staff of in-house nurses.
Robust Aggregate Reporting
Detailed yet easy to read reports are provided to each organization, giving them a brief yet thorough understanding of the group’s health status.  Each report is reviewed with leadership to include an outline of areas of concern/opportunity and recommendations for long-term success.
Trusted Business Partner
With a proven track record of more than 30 years in business, we are here to share our vast experience and support you and your organization.
Client Satisfaction
The vast majority of our business has been built upon client and broker referrals.  We believe there is no greater compliment we could achieve.


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