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Benefit Brokers & Consultants

You need a business partner you can trust.

By partnering with H&H Health Associates, you bring value added services to your clients from an organization that excels in customer service and quality control.

  • Your level of involvement is completely up to you.  If you prefer, we can manage the process from start to finish, allowing you the ability to concentrate on your portfolio of other offerings.
  • You and your clients will have a dedicated Account Team available to quickly respond to questions, run reports, fulfill requests, etc.  Additionally, you will both always have DIRECT ACCESS TO AN OWNER OF THE COMPANY.
  • Our services can be designed in a cost-neutral fashion bringing value to your clients without creating additional expenses.
  • Do you and/or your clients have other partners (disease management, claims analytics, health plans, etc.) that would benefit from the sharing of data?  We can securely manage this process for you and your clients.
  • To learn more about H&H Health Associates, our offerings, or to request a proposal, please contact our Sales Department at 800.832.8302 or click here to contact us.