Our Solutions

The Assistance Programs offered through H&H are unique in that they are "high-touch, high-impact" services.  We customize offerings to meet the specific needs of your organization and work closely with leadership to develop highly effective communication campaigns.  These objectives are achieved through the use of promotional materials, on-site presentations, consultations with management, meetings with leadership to review aggregate reports, and much more.

We are available 24/7/365 and have developed a comprehensive network of resources and service providers nationwide.  Among the numerous benefits we offer is the flexibility and accessibility of a local EAP with the resources and capabilities to provide services to employees, students, family members, and significant others throughout the country.

In our efforts to provide the best care for our clients, counseling services are not capped at a predetermined number of sessions.  While EAP offerings are designed to be short-term and solution focused, we provide services that best meet the needs of each unique client – not a specific/limiting number of sessions model.

Yes, we have a toll-free 800 number that provides direct assistance at any time.  This simple access point, however, does not define us.  We remove barriers allowing clients to receive convenient face-to-face/video/telephonic/chat, counseling services which, ultimately, results in the best possible outcome for the individual and the organization.

Through our 30+ years of service to a broad range of industries and work environments, we have developed a reputation and expertise in responding effectively to complex, diverse needs and situations.  Ultimately, due to our personal hands-on approach we drive utilization of our services, enhancing workplace performance through increased productivity and reduced expenses throughout your organization.

We provide confidential, compassionate, and comprehensive assistance services that include:

Short Term Counseling
Face-to-face problem solving sessions oriented for all types of issues including individual and family situations.
Live, Crisis Counseling (24/7)
Immediate intervention including suicide and violence prevention.
Management Consultation
Oversight of Management/Mandated Referrals, assistance in policy development, and much more.
Educational Presentations
Wide variety of employee, manager, student, and supervisor training programs.
Critical Incident Stress Debriefings (CISD)
Trauma response for critical workplace incidents.
Child & Elder Care Resources
Research and referral for all types of child and elder care needs.
Legal & Financial Guidance
Legal help for most non-employment related issues and financial consultation for money management issues.
Work/Life Resources
Research and referral to convenient services to help individuals with balancing work and personal life.
Online Resources
Library of resources, self-assessment tools, training modules, and downloadable videos.
Health Coaching
Telephonic and online health coaching on topics such as weight management, smoking cessation, fitness, pre & post natal care, chronic conditions, gym membership discounts, and more.


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